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How we charge

We are not the cheapest – we don’t believe you would want it that way. What we offer is exceptional value for money. We share your view that quality comes at a price worth paying.

We will then be happy to give you an quotation. Doing estimates over the phone can be arranged, but the hours to be completed may differ due to the amount of work. Cleaning inside cupboards and fridges, ovens etc… takes time and we need to see how much work is needed, as every job is different.

Clitheroe Cleaning Service Prices range from £15.00 per hour to £25 per hour depending on the cleaning service required and end of tenancy cleaning are usually a set price that is agreed. We do minimum 3 hours cleaning services due to the time it takes to travel from location to location.

One off cleans have a set price, as all one off cleans are completely unique.

How to pay

The majority of our clients prefer to pay cash, bank transfer and direct debit.  Alternatively, we can take payments standing order.

For one off cleaning services we have a deposit system in place paid via bank transfer. This is to confirm a booking, as delayed cancellations can cause disruption to our workers schedules and not enable us to get a booking to replace the booking pre confirmed. If you cancel your booking with at least 2 days notice. We will refund your deposit, if your notices is less than 48 hours before your service the deposit will not be refundable.

    • For one off cleans End of Tenancy or new tenancy the service is paid for same day of service in CASH ONLY.  You will receive an invoice and pay the cleaning operative the amount due. 
    • For short term cleaning contracts the services are paid for in CASH at the time of service – after one month this can be arranged for a weekly basis. However, if a client fails to pay for the cleaning service within 48 hours of the job completed. The service will become a CASH & INVOICE SERVICE.
    • Forgetting to pay your cleaning service is not acceptable.
    • For long term contracts you have a choice on how you make the payments, but for the first month’s service will be on a weekly payment basis in CASH.
    • If we supply the cleaning products, liquids, mops, brushes etc… we have a standard £15 charge.

    IMPORTANT!! WE ARE CLOSED – XMAS DAY – NEW YEARS DAY & BANK HOLIDAYS (We can under agreed circumstances work HOLIDAYS). 

Domestic Cleaning

House Deep cleaning 

End of Tenancy or New 

Ironing Service   Commercial Cleaning

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